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Skip to 0 minutes and 10 seconds In the last two lectures, we discussed the theoretical foundations of Entrepreneurship. We talked about how economists, psychologists, and sociologists look at the phenomenon of Entrepreneurship. Now we will look at some recent developments in looking at Entrepreneurship from other theoretical viewpoints. And we also will summarise some learning points that you should have captured from this course. First, the recent developments. There are some interesting efforts at this moment to get more grip on entrepreneurs. An interesting one is in medical sciences. There’s research going on right at this moment that tries to link Entrepreneurship with mental characteristics or even disorders of Entrepreneurs.

Skip to 0 minutes and 55 seconds For example, they look at the effect of ADHD– attention deficit hyperactivity disorder– with the idea that will be positively linked to Entrepreneurial success. Also, the doctors are looking at brain scans of Entrepreneurs, and compare them with non-entrepreneurs. We see that Entrepreneurs seem to have different cognitive processes than non-entrepreneurs. So these are interesting avenues for the future, to try to get more grip on what entrepreneurship is all about. And now I would like to summarise what you have learned in these lectures. First, Entrepreneurship is a well-studied phenomenon. It’s studied by economists, sociologists, psychologists, but also others. And in the future, maybe even more other theories will start looking at this concept.

Skip to 1 minute and 50 seconds Together these studies provide a diverse pallet of ideas explaining Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship can lead to profit. But it can also lead to personal satisfaction and societal contributions. There’s not a simple answer to how Entrepreneurship starts, how it develops, and how it ends. And we will look deeper into this in the following steps within this activity.

Extra: Wrapping up the extra material

This video discusses some more recent developments and then wraps up the lessons explained in the previous lectures.

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