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Self-conciousness test

Private & Public Self-consciousness Scale Fenigstein et al. (1975)

Private Self-consciousness: How aware are you of your own thoughts and feelings? Public Self-conciousness: How aware are you of how other perceive you?

Using the following response scale, please answer the following questions as they pertain to you. There are no right or wrong answers and no one but you will see your responses. How to interpret the test-results is in the attached PDF file.The questions can also be found in the attached PDF file - but make sure you do not scroll down to the test-result part!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
not at all .. .. moderately .. .. extremely so
  1. I’m always trying to figure myself out. _____
  2. I’m concerned about my style of doing things. _____
  3. I reflect about myself a lot. _____
  4. Generally, I’m very aware of myself. _____
  5. I’m concerned about the way I present myself. _____
  6. I’m often the subject of my own fantasies. _____
  7. I’m self-conscious about the way I look. _____
  8. I always scrutinize myself. _____
  9. I usually worry about making a good impression. _____
  10. One of the last things I do before I leave my house is look in the mirror. _____
  11. I’m generally attentive to my inner feelings. _____
  12. I’m constantly examining my motives. _____
  13. I sometimes have the feeling that I’m off somewhere watching myself. _____
  14. I’m concerned about what other people think of me. _____
  15. I’m usually aware of my appearance. _____
  16. I’m alert to changes in my mood. _____
  17. I’m aware of the way my mind works when I work through a problem. _____

Use old-school pen and paper to write down your total score

Have a look at the attached pdf file to see how to calculate your score

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