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Prisoner's dilemma simulation

If you have not encountered the Prisoner’s Dilemma before, we strongly recommend to first read the Wikipedia article on this subject.

Go to this prisoner’s dilemma simulator, a website where you can play the iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma game against a computer. Familiarise yourself with the game by playing a few rounds. Then, run some simulations. Put the simulator to the following settings:

  • Set Lucifer’s strategy to “Tit-for-tat / Random”,
  • Set the ‘random intervention’ to 5%,
  • The ‘simulation rate’ to 0.05 rounds per second,
  • The number of simulation rounds to 100.

Try a number of different strategies and see how they do against Lucifer. Click on ‘strategy definitions’ to see how the different strategies play out. With which strategy can you beat Lucifer? You can share your outcomes in the discussion section.

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