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Introduction to leadership and entrepreneurship

You have just gone through the activities with dr. Jennifer Jordan. We hope you enjoyed her lectures on heuristics and cognitive biases and have gained an understanding on why humans have developed these biases, which biases there are and what you can do about these biases yourself. This topic is now concluded and we will move on to leadership and entrepreneurship.

First, prof. dr. Janka Stoker will talk about leadership and effective leadership styles in a complex and uncertain world. Then, you will look at a lecture of the CEO of Unilever, University of Groningen alumnus and honorary doctorate Paul Polman. He has won several awards for his leadership and will also talk about leadership and sustainability. After this, you will see an interview with prof. dr. Jeroen Smit about the importance of diversity in companies, the dark sides of entrepreneurship and some common pitfalls.

Afterwards, dr. Maryse Brand will explain the principles of entrepreneurship from the perspective of complexity and uncertainty. In the extra material you can find a perspective on entrepreneurship from different social sciences.

Good luck!

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