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Your framework for making ethical decisions

Method for ethical decision making

In previous weeks, the concept of ethical policies, procedures & codes of conduct within organisations was introduced. The idea is that these actions are designed to help drive your decision making within an organisation. An ethical decision making filter can also be adopted which takes these into consideration.

The PLUS model is made up of the following key questions:

P = Policies - is it consistent with my organisation’s policies, procedures and guidelines?

L = Legal - is it acceptable under the applicable laws and regulations?

U = Universal - does it conform to the universal principles / values my organisation has adopted? Does it benefit stakeholders?

S = Self - does it satisfy my personal definition of right, good and fair? Can I be proud of this decision or action?

If the answer to any one of these questions is NO, your actions may have serious consequences for your company. If you are an employee you may need to seek out relevant assistance, guidance and support to help you with this decision and look at the options.

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