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Review of the week

In the first week of this course, you’ve been introduced to English contract law and looked at why contracts are key to the success of construction projects.

You’ve examined the nature of construction contracts and looked at the principles of contract formation.

You’ve looked at why contracts in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry are different from contracts in any other sector by exploring:

  • The three phases of contract management
  • The activities undertaken during the pre-contract phase
  • The four key construction procurement strategies

In the second week of this course, you’ll be exploring the tendering process and we’l look at contractual relationship management in more detail.

Your task

Before you move on to study Week 2, take a little bit of time to reflect on what you’ve learned this week:

What have you found to be particularly good, useful or interesting this week?

Think about the case laws you have reviewed this week. Were there any in particular that helped you inform your understanding of contract management and procurement?

Share your thoughts in the comments area then review and discuss some posts from other learners.

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Contract Management and Procurement: An Introduction

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