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We hope you’ve enjoyed Week 1 of this course. You can check your progress on the course so far.

In week 2 we’ll be exploring the complex relationships between customers and suppliers, stakeholder management, and how to achieve win-win negotiations.

We will be introducing two new types of activities:

  • we will be you encouraging you to fill in an anonymous ‘Poll’ which will ask you questions about how your organisation manages its supplier relationships. We think that the results of this poll will be fascinating and we’ll be sharing the collated results with you at the end of the week 2.

  • we will also be encouraging you to do a short peer review activity around stakeholder management. This is an opportunity for you to share your assignment with your peers within this learning community and for you to feedback on each other’s ideas to develop them further

We do hope that you can join us!

Douglas and Tim

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Contract Management: Building Relationships in Business

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