'Live' panel discussion

This week our LIVE panel discussion is on ‘Contract management and technology’

The panel discussion took place in our youtube channel and led by Sally Hughes, COO of the IACCM on the 1st of December 2016.

Sally was joined by:

  • Kingsley Martin, CEO KMStandards
  • Ed Taylor, CEO, Synergist
  • Marc Dangeard, CommonAccord
  • Tim Cummins, CEO, IACCM

Imagine a world where contracts are no longer written, but instead they become interactive programs. Imagine a world where negotiation is between machines, not people. Imagine a world where the records associated with any item you buy are stored in one place, electronically, and the price is automatically calculated and based on those records.

Such a world is developing fast, transforming the role and value of the contracting process. Join us as we discuss these changes and more with a group of experts and worldwide leaders.

Note: for those of you unable to access YouTube, we have also uploaded the video into this step.

FAQs about the technology

What happens if I can’t watch the live discussion?

Don’t worry! Realtime participation is not a mandatory part of this course, but it is fun and we think you’d get a lot out of it. A recording of the discussion will be available at the same address above after the live event finishes. You can still make a contribution by leaving your question or comments on this step in advance, and we may include some of these in the discussion.

Will watching the live discussion mean I appear on camera?

No, you will just watch the live stream like any other video (though Google users can submit comments via the interface).

Is a Google account required to view the live discussion?

No, you can watch the Hangout without logging in to Google. If you wish to submit comments, please either use the methods above.

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