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Further Resources for Self-Care and Well-Being

The following websites are intended to provide additional information about the people who feature in the videos in this section. They contain links to video presentations, blogs, audios and other useful resources.

  • Dorothy Armstrong
    Dorothy is one of the educators for this programme and she is a registered nurse, facilitator and coach. Her website has a resources section which has downloadable versions of some of the graphics, presentations and audios in this section.

  • Brené Brown
    Brené is a Texan social work researcher who has published widely and her website includes links to her TED talks, podcasts and other resources about vulnerability and courage.

  • Steve Foran
    Gratitude is considered a key leadership skill and is particularly helpful in times of adversity. Steve’s website offers links to his books and blogs and you can sign up for his daily gratitude practice.

  • Chris Germer
    Chris and Kristin Neff have published widely their model of mindful self-compassion based on their research. Chris is an American psychologist and therapist and his website offers many meditation practices in audio and PDF as well as information about courses and books.

  • David Hamilton
    An eminent author and speaker, David is a Scottish scientist who has written widely about the mind and body connection and specifically how kindness is an antidote to stress. His website has links to videos, blogs and on-line talks.

  • Rick Hanson
    Rick is a neuro-psychologist and best-selling author living in California. His website contains information about neuroplasticity, meditations and registration for his wonderful Just One Thing newsletter.

  • Kathryn Lovewell
    Kathryn is the co-director of Kind Mind Academy, author of The Little Book of Self-Compassion, and is a mindful self-compassion teacher based in England. This website contains information about self-compassion and further study.

  • Kristin Neff
    Kristin and Chris Germer have published widely their model of mindful self-compassion based on their research. Kristin is an American psychologist and her website contains many resources including a self-compassion questionnaire, further reading and self-compassion practices in guided meditations and exercises.

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