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Bringing it all together

Now it’s time to bring everything together and develop a plan for your online presence.

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Over the next few steps, you have the opportunity to develop a plan for your own online presence, or create one for a case study.

This will be a peer-review activity: you will share your plan within this course community. You’ll both give and receive feedback.

You might be more used to receiving feedback from tutors, employers or other authority figures, but it is very valuable to hear what your peers think too.

In practice, a peer-review means the following:

  • You will need to follow the instructions given, and complete an action plan.
  • Once you submit it, your plan will be randomly assigned to another learner.
  • They will give you feedback related to the task guidelines.
  • The plan you submit and the feedback you receive will remain private between you both.
  • You may receive feedback from more than one person.
  • You will do the same for someone else: read their action plan and give them feedback.

Task overview

As you have explored during this course, having a professional online presence is more than simply creating an account on a social platform or pointing people towards one you have already. It takes time and focus to get your online profile right so that it portrays you in the best, most employable and approachable light.

Building and maintaining a network of professional contacts while also staying up-to-date with industry developments and conversations takes time. In both of these cases, the time and energy you spend is an investment in yourself and your professional future. Just as all the miles spent plodding circuits of the local park will pay off when you tackle your first marathon, putting in the effort to present yourself and your experience well, to the right people, will also yield benefits.

The action plan you’re going to work on comes in two parts. Before you start working on your own action plan, let’s look at a suggested structure and how it might look when completed.

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1. What do you need to do to improve your professional online presence?

This course contains many ideas, conventions and guides. Now it’s up to you to determine what’s going to make the biggest difference to you.

We suggest you identify three groups of actions required:

  1. Now (things to do which are urgent, must happen as a priority, for example, in the next couple of weeks).
  2. Soon (things to do which are important, must do but second priority, for example, in the next month or two).
  3. At some point (things to do which are useful or semi-important, investigate and think about how to do these things in the next six months).

An example of a completed action plan is available in the Downloads section. You’ll also see a template for you to use.

Task/Timing Now (indicate your own timeline for this Soon (indicate your own timeline for this At some point (indicate your own timeline for this)

2. How should you structure your time in the future?

Once your online professional presence is established you will want to think about the best way to use your time in the future.

There’s a definite benefit to thinking about how you will spend your time across all platforms, and planning how frequently you should aim to undertake certain tasks can be useful. This can be done in a way that strengthens your reputation and presence.

We’ve used specific time intervals here, but you might choose to vary these according to what you think you can commit, and what you think your online presence will require in future. This could be more or less.

In the next step, you’ll have a go at completing this task yourself. If you want to use the template, download it from this step.

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