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Meet learners like you

Let’s find out about other learners like you – small business owners Samir, Siobhán and Maia.

Images of course case studies Samir, Siobhán and Maia

At the end of the course, you’ll be asked to draft a professional social media marketing campaign for one of these case studies, so keep them in mind as you progress through the content.

Select the link below each person to hear them introduce themselves and explain their business and their needs. You can also read their stories in the Downloads section.

You’ll consider these case studies throughout the course, so listen carefully to each one and think about their needs.

"Samir" Samir - professional dog walker and pet sitter
Samir’s story
"Siobhán" Siobhán - virtual personal trainer
Siobhán’s story
"Maia" Maia - volunteer for a local conservation charity
Maia’s story

In the upcoming activity you’ll be exploring social media strategy. As you do this, you’ll be asked to reflect on the case studies of Samir, Siobhán and Maia. To get ready for this activity, take some time to discuss your impressions of these case studies with your fellow learners.

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What are your initial impressions of the case studies? Are any of their issues familiar to you?

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