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Preparing for next week

You’re now at the end of Week 1 of Create a Social Media Marketing Campaign.

This week you looked at what makes a social media strategy, and how that differs from a social media campaign. You also explored audiences – how to identify them, how to find them and how to reach them.

Image montage of all steps from week 1 including a woman on her phone and a checklist

Targeting is an important part of social media marketing, and you explored how to research audiences and create a useful target statement.

You thought more about how to reach audiences, looking at how social media platforms prioritise content via their own mysterious algorithms, and how you can use organic and paid activities to optimise and promote your content to the relevant audiences.

You also met the three core case studies for this course, and have started to apply your learning to their situations and needs.

In the coming week, you’ll move on to measurement and metrics, planning and scheduling. You’ll hear from social media experts about their experiences of creating and running social media campaigns. There’ll also be a chance for you to bring together what you’ve learned and discuss your ideas with other learners.

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As we draw Week 1 to a close, this is a good opportunity to pause and reflect briefly on what you’ve learned so far.

  • What has been most interesting, surprising or useful for you so far?
  • What are you looking forward to in Week 2?

Share your thoughts in the Comments section.

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