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Graphic image of the w3_05 Processing sketch
The w3_05 sketch

Exercise: extend the spinning top sketch

Now for a challenge. Using the w3_04 sketch as a starting point, develop your own version of the ‘spinning top’.

How you do this is up to you, but here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Why only have one ‘spinning top’? This is software after all, we can have as many as we like until the computer starts to slow down too much. Use arrays to add more ‘tops’.
  • Try the technique covered in the ‘w3_03’ sketch, where we used the distance between two points as a test for drawing or not drawing a line between them. If closer than some distance then draw the line.
  • Extend the ‘blended drawing’ method of the previous sketch to accumulate a more complex image as each spinning top moves over the surface.
  • Experiment with rules about colour based on distance or position.

Share your image with other learners

You don’t have to use all (or any) of these ideas if you have something different in mind. Once you’ve developed your sketch, save an image and then post it to the Monash Creative Coding Flickr group or another image sharing site of your choice and then enter the URL for your image in the Comments so others can see your creation.

We’ve provided our own response to the spinning top exercise. You can see the code and run it in the w3_05 sketch.

Please attempt your own version of this exercise before you look at this sketch!

You’ll find it much more rewarding to try your own implementation of this challenge first.

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