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Like starting on the first chapter of a great novel, your creating coding journey has only just begun

Learning more

Now that you’ve completed the course, you’re probably keen to learn more and improve your creative coding knowledge and skills even further.

This introductory course has only scratched the surface of what draws from a rich and complex collection of fields (programming and computer science, mathematics, philosophy, biology, artificial intelligence, creativity, fine art, design, music, architecture, fashion, etc.).

You will find many interesting web sites that can help you learn more about creative coding and generative art. Obviously the Processing website is the best place to learn more about Processing.

If you want to dive deeper into programming with Processing and learn more about Generative Art and Creative Coding, you may find the following books useful.

In addition to the many people and websites we have mentioned throughout the course, you may find these sites interesting:

If you want to learn more about programming on FutureLearn, the Begin Programming course covers how to program in Java for mobile applications.

Study at Monash

Becoming a professional programmer or creative coder normally requires university-level study. The Monash University Faculties of Information Technology and Art, Design & Architecture offer a number of professional degree options in this area.

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