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Skip to 0 minutes and 7 seconds Do you feel creatively energised by the My Monster, my Pet game? Sometimes it takes a small exercise to get your creative juices flowing, to shift your mind state from critical to creative, and remind you how much you are capable of. Now we will go into some theory, but first, a quick look into what lies ahead. During the first week we will find a definition of creativity that we all agree upon, and look at the differences between creativity and innovation. Finally, we will give you a chance to learn through doing, by putting your new-found knowledge and ideas to the test in your first creative challenge. A lot of fun lies ahead, so if you’re ready, let’s go.

What is Creativity?

What does Creativity mean to you? How will you define Creativity?

Let’s begin our journey by listening to the different meanings of creativity by our learners. Please share your definitions of Creativity in the Comments section below. Take a look at what other people are saying. You can reply to other learners and “like” comments that you find interesting.

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Using Creative Problem Solving

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