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Skip to 0 minutes and 7 seconds Hello Everyone We’re glad to see you back with us on this Creativity and Creative Problem Solving course We’re about to take a quick pop quiz to help you see for yourself how much you remember from last week However first I will help jog your memory with a quick recap of the broad topics discussed Remember the idea with this course is not to give you all the answers but to let you create the answers on your own So give your opinion freely if you take a different view to one of the quiz answers Firstly we discussed what creativity is and whether it is learned or one is simply born with it You, collectively, arrived at your own definition of creativity and a definition of innovation was provided for you Next we explored the meaning of creativity as distinct from that of innovation and discussed how these might be similar or different You were also asked to choose the most creative of a selection of videos and justify why you chose it which should help you think about what you believe creativity is and how it manifests in a creative product Go through the five questions in the quiz and see how much you remember As soon as you’re done we can move straight on to the new content of Week 2 In the coming week we will cover the source of creativity we will introduce you to the 4Ps framework and give you a fun and exciting new activity to try See you then!

Review & Pop Quiz

Let us review last week’s concept. Watch a recap on what we covered in Week 1.

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