15 Creative Products that Make Your Life Easier

Here is an online article that introduces 15 creative products. Not only are the products good-looking but may also beneficial in everyday life. Please have a look at those products, and make comments about their creativity.

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To easily recognize them, we divide the 15 items into 7 categories and introduce the categories below.

1. Energy Charging

Products here provide convenient ways of recharging gadgets, such as your smartphone, camera, even your car.

  • Solar-Powered Lounge Chairs
  • Continuance Rechargeable Battery with USB Port Source
  • Solar Charging while Parking

2. Having Fun

The product introduced here provides another function for a door: it can be used as a table for games!

  • Table Tennis Door

3. All for Eat

Though eating is an activity we enjoy, there’s still something annoying to get through before the process begins. Now here are the antidotes.

  • Pizza Scissors
  • Multi-tasking Pan

4. In the Bathroom

Two creative products have been designed to help you use water resources wisely and waste nothing.

  • Aqueduct Faucet & Handle Extender
  • Eco-friendly Toilet

5. Travelers

When traveling, we always want our luggage to be as light as possible. And the thing we hate most is getting things lost. The 3 creative products below help solve your problems.

  • Folding Bicycle Backpack
  • Compact Boots
  • Self-locking Bike

6. Watch Out for Your Drink

The following two products prevent us from spilling our drinks at parties and office occasions.

  • Wine Glass Holder Clip
  • Cup Holder Clip

7. On the Road

The two products below take good care of you both when you are driving and when you are walking.

  • Traffic Signal with Hour-glass timer
  • Rear View Mirror

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