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Synectics as a Creative Problem Solving System

Synectics is one of the creative problem-solving techniques. It emphasizes metaphor, imagery, emotion, energy, and procedural approaches that focus on private listings. Like brainstorming, synectics suspends judgment; while synectics widens and deepens the process of suspending judgment in more different ways than brainstorming does. Some characteristics are introduced below.

First, synectics allows judgment of the problem description to be suspended. Second, synectics encourages alternative perceptions of the problem, again expressed without challenge. Third, synectics uses obvious irrelevant thoughts and images as clues to new ideas. Fourth, synectics allows absurd ideas. Last, synectics uses excursions to reproduce the phenomenon of getting new ideas apparently from nowhere.

The methods mentioned above form a series of connections, which reconstruct concepts and ideas and can bring two unrelated ideas together.

Synectics has another function called idea development. This process takes new approaches that are not practical and modifies them into feasible courses of action.

Synectics has three dimensions: creative thinking, creative action, and creative behavior. Creative thinking is a technique to generate new ideas. Creative action is the implementation of these ideas, and creative behavior is the behavioral skills required to build a supportive atmosphere, which is important for both the two preceding dimensions. Above all, creative thinking includes and transcends brainstorming, but the creative action and creative behavior are mostly missing in brainstorming.

To sum up, synectics is a creative problem-solving technique much more complex than brainstorming, which misses out some processes that synectics embed.

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