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Skip to 0 minutes and 11 secondsBattelle-Bildmappen-Brainwriting (BBB) The BBB technique combines both brainstorming and brainwriting procedures. BBB uses picture portfolios the bildmappen as the primary source of ideas.

Battelle Bildmappen Brainwriting

Ideas may be generated in a different way with this tool; that is, with pictures of nature that help to produce ideas. The ideas may be more original and creative.


  1. The group leader reads a problem statement to a group of five to seven people and asks them to brainstorm known or trivial solutions.

  2. After the brainstorming session, the group leader gives each group member a folder containing eight to ten pictures (e.g., pictures from National Geographic) that are unrelated to the problem.

  3. Each member individually examines his or her pictures, looking for concepts and principles similar to those represented by the problem.

  4. Using these concepts and principles for stimulation, each group member silently writes down ideas. Then presented to the group and discussed.

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