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Skip to 0 minutes and 7 seconds Brainwriting techniques are very useful tools for group discussion. This tool has some advantages All the participants’ idea are brought in. Also, A useful idea is systematically developed further because you can see all the ideas in the whole picture and connect and combine some of them into a new one. However, Also, some advantages some people can’t express well their ideas by writing. Also, Time pressure causes lower creativity. Therefore, which tools you choose is still depend on the circumstances. We will show some situations for you to think of selecting brainwriting techniques.

How to Select Suitable Techniques?

Brainwriting techniques are very useful tools for group discussion. This tool has some advantages. Let’s find out what kinds of situations are suitable for which tool.

There are 5 criteria to select a suitable technique, which are:

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Now, let’s try to select suitable techniques in different scenarios,

Situation 1
Group members disagree to what product needs improvement.

A: I disagree with your idea. I think organic vegetable is profitable.

B: Nope. The organic vegetable market is saturated. We should come out with some new ideas, such as an organic energy bar…

Situation 2
A long-range planning effort has begun to develop a line of product extensions.

A: Hi all, we have a new project to develop the product line of lipstick. This project will be closed after one month, before that please come out with some workable ideas.

B: It seems that we still have time to think.

Situation 3
Group members have difficulty agreeing upon which product areas to improve, but the group members are highly creative.

A: Organic energy bar is an innovative idea, but the developing cost is too high…

B: Even the cost is high, it’s still worth a try. I’ll go back to my lab to do more research to prove.

Situation 4
Group members work well together and seem to enjoy interacting with each other.

A: I like your organic energy bar idea before. I think we can develop the organic energy drink this time.

B: The organic series is out of fashion. We should come out with some new ideas.

Which techniques should be used in the above 4 situations respectively? and why do you think that technique is the most suitable one? Please share your thoughts in comments.


VanGundy, A. B. (1984). Brainwriting for new product ideas: an alternative to brainstorming. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 1(2), 67-74.

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