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Summary: Brainwriting for New Product Ideas

Creative problem solving immediately brings up the idea of brainstorming. This does indeed stimulate many ideas in a relatively short time, but it has its own shortcomings. For example, when group members are in conflict, the brainstorming process may be disrupted. Cultural or status differences between members may also disturb the group’s equilibrium. Moreover, face-to-face interactions in brainstorming might exert pressure, eventually bringing about groupthink.

To solve these problems, brainwriting was devised. Brainwriting is the silent, written version of brainstorming. Below are six brainwriting techniques: nominal group technique (NGT), a collective notebook (CNB), a brainwriting pool, pin cards, Battelle-bildmappen- brainwriting (BBB), and the SIL method. Four of the techniques are totally brainwriting, the other two are hybrids of brainstorming and brainwriting.

NGT CNB Pool Pincards BBB SIL Summary

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VanGundy, A. B. (1984). Brain writing for new product ideas: an alternative to brainstorming. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 1(2), 67-74.

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