Skip to 0 minutes and 12 secondsHello and welcome back. Before we dive into the theory surrounding creativity, we have a fun activity for you to start with. No need to take this one too seriously, just enjoy the child-like joy of creation and let’s see what you come up with. Let’s play “My monster, my pet." The task is simple You need to create a monster that you would ideally like to have as a pet. You can draw it, paint it, create it digitally create a 3D monster, using objects from around your home, make it out of clay, papers or play dough, whatever you choose. However, the emphasis is on your creative mind, not on using the most flashy and extravagant materials.

Skip to 1 minute and 2 secondsWhen you are done upload a picture of your monster to Padlet, with a short explanation of what its special features are and why you choose them. Remember, you don't need to justify every choice. Some features may be there simply because you like them. Here are some questions to start you off. Is your monster short or tall? What special skills does it have? What will you do with your monster once it becomes your pet? Is it more like a human or an animal? What’s its name? What color is it? Does it speak English, or another language? What kind of character does it have? Is it obedient, or naughty? What does it like and dislike?

Skip to 1 minute and 48 secondsStart as soon as you like, and enjoy the creative experience.

Warm up your creativity

I love creativity, do you?

Creativity is something that sounds abstract and fancy; however, it’s really fantastic for me. I love being different and creating changes in my everyday life. Do you also experience and expect the same as me? If your answer is yes, you have made the right choice in joining this course! In the next four weeks, I would like to welcome you to join me on a creative journey.

Meet the team

I’m Sirirat Lim, the main instructor for this course, and you will be hearing from me in each section. I have a passion for teaching and creativity is one of my favorite subjects. I have taught students from over 20 countries, including Taiwan, Belgium, Germany, Peru, France, Gambia, Jordan, Thailand, and so on. In addition, by students’ feedback, I keep improving my teaching style and the contents of the course. My philosophy of teaching is to let students learn by doing; this means that you are going to experience exercises, discussions, and assignments. I always encourage students to think outside the box when they conduct their practice. Feel free to share your opinions, as well. I hope you’ll enjoy the journey and have a store of creativity treasures by the end of the course.

I have a team of three in charge of designing this course. Grace Coates is a Master’s student at the TIAS School for Business and Society in the Netherlands. Joy Wang and Zilch Chen are Master’s students at the National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan.

The learning process will keep you busy and we hope so much that you will enjoy it and take away as much as possible. Before starting your course, we would like to make an interesting survey – test your creative confidence. We will make this test again when you finish this course. We are expecting an incredible change in you! Through the survey, you will also be able to see other people’s results.

Test your creative confidence
Before starting the course, we would like you to assess your creative confidence in this short, optional survey. We will ask the same questions at the end of the course. We are expecting your incredible change! Through the survey, you can also see the result from others.

Let’s begin with a fantastic game “your monster, your pet” to warm up your creativity!

Post your monster here!

Note: the site will direct you out of FutureLearn to a third party website. Image upload format: JPG or PDF, under 25MB.

I also encourage you to share your own creations with others in the comments!

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