Preparing your creative Project 1

How well do you know what creativity is? Demonstrate your creativity by uploading your creative work.

In week 1, we have learned the definition of creativity and differentiate it from innovation. We knew that creativity is something novel and effective, (you may think of some more words describing it) and apart from innovation, and creativity.

In the last section, you are asked to do an assignment which illustrates your idea of creativity. In this assignment, you are asked to upload a creative work telling us something about yourself, it can be a song singing your story, a video of your pet and you playing in the park, a webpage of your sci-fi novel, or a photo of your wooden handicraft… etc. Remember, the work should be examined by the criteria of creativity we have discussed in the previous sections, so be as creative as you can.

Upload your creative work here. You can always click the “Like” and “Follow” buttons to others’ replies. And don’t forget to check your replies if someone has responded to your comments. Now it’s your turn to show us your creative talent!

Note: the site will direct you out of FutureLearn to a third party website. Image upload format: JPG or PDF, under 25BM.

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