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6-3-5 method

This tool is more organized and orderly than a brain writing pool. It also elicits many ideas in the end.

  1. The group leader reads a problem statement to a group of five to seven people.

  2. In the next five minutes, each group member silently writes down 3 ideas on a sheet of paper and passes the sheet to a neighbor.

  3. With members using the ideas of the others for stimulation, each group member develops ideas further, modifies them or adds more. This process of writing down ideas and passing on the sheets of paper is repeated for 20 or 30 minutes.

  4. After finishing all the papers, each member looks at the and circles the three best ideas on the paper.

  5. Group members vote for the best 3 ideas out of all the papers, and then the group leader records the votes and notes the idea with the largest number of votes.

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