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Microphone with mixer
Microphone with mixer

Week 5 Practice Listening Exercises

There will now follow three sets of practice listening exercises focussing on reverberation as follows:

  • Practice Set 5A: Identification of Reverberation Programme Type
  • Practice Set 5B: Identification of 1.0sec Reverberation Time Changes and 20ms Pre-Delay Changes for both Individual Sources and Sources in a Mix
  • Practice Set 5C: Identification of 0.5sec Reverberation Time Changes and 10ms Pre-Delay Changes for both Individual Sources and Sources in a Mix

These practice listening exercises have been designed to develop your ability to identify a range of artificial reverberation algorithm types, the reverberation time and pre-delay for an otherwise known reverberation algorithm, and changes to the reverberant properties of an unknown sound source in the context of a multi-track mix.

Start sequentially with Practice Set 5A and when you feel confident that you are performing well and consistently, proceed to work through the remaining practice sets. You can revisit these practice listening resources as often as you wish in order to prepare for the week 5 listening assessment.

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