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CRM Fundamentals and Practice

Explore how CRM technology can drive customer success and how to establish a CRM platform that aligns with your business goals.

CRM Fundamentals and Practice
  • Duration

    6 weeks
  • Weekly study

    13 hours

This course introduces learners to the practical role that CRM technology plays in driving customer success for an organisation.

Learners will develop their practical skills in establishing a CRM platform, aligned with considerations for successful business outcomes. Through this process, learners will apply their knowledge with hands-on activities within a Salesforce sandbox environment.

At the end of the microcredential learners will investigate career opportunities with their CX, CRM and customer success skills and prepare for their Salesforce certification.


  • Week 1

    Salesforce Administrator fundamentals

    • Introduction

      Welcome to CRM Fundamentals and Practice.

    • Administrator fundamentals and the Salesforce ecosystem

      From startups to global corporations, CRM platforms have fast become the key to delivering successful sales and marketing efforts, and Salesforce’s enterprise solutions are leading the way.

    • Organisational setup

      You’ll learn how to describe Salesforce terminology, navigate your organization’s dashboard, set up a company profile and configure users, tasks, calendars, and other customisable components.

    • Collaboration on Chatter

      You’ll learn how to enable and administer Chatter settings and features in your Salesforce organisation.

    • Salesforce Administrator fundamentals: Wrap-up

      Now it's time to wrap up what you've learned this week.

  • Week 2

    Setup, security and activity management

    • Introduction

      In this week you’ll develop advanced journey mapping skills, utilising a variety of techniques to suit various customer types and business functions before analysing existing performance.

    • Mobile administration

      You'll learn how to describe the capabilities of the Salesforce mobile app, integrate Salesforce with your users’ emails, and use both Mobile Publisher and Lightning App Builder.

    • User setup

      You’ll learn how to configure and manage the user profiles for your organisation, configure permissions, and troubleshoot user issues.

    • Security and access

      You’ll learn how to control and define users’ access, and you’ll use role hierarchies, sharing, and teams to implement strong data-security access.

    • Activity management

      You’ll learn how to support users to be productive and efficient through configured activity management.

    • Setup, Security and Activity Management: Wrap-up

      Now it's time to wrap up what you learned this week.

  • Week 3

    Objects and data

    • Introduction

      This week you’ll develop customer experience strategy to attain relevant business goals and objectives.

    • Object customisation

      You’ll learn how to customise objects, accurately enter data, configure fields, and maintain multiple business scenarios with record types and business processes

    • Data management

      You’ll continue to support your users as they import, update, transfer, and back up information on the platform. You’ll also learn how to import, export, transfer, and delete data.

    • Objects and Data: Wrap-up

      It's time to wrap up what you've learned this week.

  • Week 4

    Sales, marketing and analytics

    • Introduction

      This week you’ll learn the fundamentals of engaging, acquiring and retaining customers through the delivery of customer value.

    • Sales and marketing

      You will learn to optimise leads and opportunities and implement marketing campaigns.

    • Analytics: reports and dashboards

      Good news! Your Salesforce organisation is coming together very well. You’ll be able to understand, organise, create, and run reports while maintaining a clear dashboard.

    • Sales, marketing, and analytics: Wrap-up

      Wrap up Week 4.

  • Week 5


    • Introduction

      This week you’ll learn the fundamentals of effective Customer Relationship Management, including building customer relationships and influencing stakeholders.

    • Workflow and process automation

      You will learn how Salesforce gives you a significant amount of automation power as administrator.

    • Service and support management

      You’ll will learn how to work with cases, create support processes, use automation, streamline case management, implement the Salesforce Service Cloud, and use the analytics.

    • AppExchange

      You will learn how to enable‌ ‌Salesforce‌ ‌AppExchange for ‌your‌ ‌company‌ and business processes, and implement an AppExchange strategy.

    • Automation: Wrap-up

      Well‌ ‌done!‌ ‌You‌’ve‌ ‌successfully‌ ‌completed‌ Week ‌5. You should now be able to enable‌ ‌Salesforce‌ ‌AppExchange for ‌your‌ ‌company‌ and business processes and implement an AppExchange strategy.

  • Week 6

    Administrator success

    • Introduction

      This week you’ll learn to evaluate and optimise your effectiveness in regards to Customer Experience and Customer Success.

    • Best practices for CRM success

      You will learn how to apply a common model for managing change, describe the core principles of Agile project management, and identify how these both support best practices for Salesforce implementation.

    • Enhanced administration skills

      You’ll will learn how to identify the key skills of administrators, describe how a project manager’s mindset can support CRM implementation and recognise the opportunities ahead.

    • Certification preparation

      You’ll will learn how the Salesforce Administrator exam is structured and how to prepare to pass.

    • Administrator success: Wrap up

      Now it's time to wrap up and look back on everything you've learned in this course.

    • Course assessment

      Congratulations! You're almost done. There's one final Super badge for you to complete and then it's time to submit your final assessment.

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Experienced Salesforce consultant and project manager. Passionate about the Salesforce ecosystem and well versed in multi-cloud implementations. Certified Scrum Master and 4x Salesforce Certified.

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