Review of the week

Congratulations on completing the first week of An Introduction to Cryptography.

This week we have …

  • Investigated ancient cryptography and cryptanalysis
  • Used early cryptographic algorithms to encipher and decipher messages
  • Explored the beginnings of automated cryptography and cryptanalysis in World War II
  • Started to think about the importance of cryptography and cryptanalysis for daily life

Next week you will …

  • Begin to use formal notation for discussing cryptography
  • See how randomness is used in cryptography and why it is both critical for security and hard to achieve
  • Investigate hashing algorithms for securing passwords and authenticating messages

Your task

  • Was there anything surprising for you in this week’s content?
  • What questions arose for you?
  • Has your view changed as a result of your learning?
  • Looking back in your learning log, were there any questions you had that haven’t been answered? Where could you find the answers to your questions?

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