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Skip to 0 minutes and 1 second And so when we think about Cultural Intelligence, culture can mean so many different things. It’s not just about people who live in different countries or come from different races. In any big organisation, we have different teams, different functions. Each of them come with a different culture. Every industry comes with a different culture. Different levels of seniority in an organisation come with different cultures. And today, when we work in global business, it’s a daily challenge, because we have to bring all of the different parts of the puzzle together and have people from quite different backgrounds and quite different styles work together, and that’s a real challenge. It’s a challenge I work with every day.

Skip to 0 minutes and 43 seconds I have a team, which comes from many different backgrounds and are geographically distributed in different countries. We have to come together, and we have to keep pace with an organisation, which itself is moving at an incredible rate. So enabling each of those individuals to understand what their mission is within the greater whole and how that fits with the grander plan is a real challenge. And actually, helping each of those individuals is a challenge, because each of them come at it from a different angle.

Skip to 1 minute and 19 seconds So I happen spend a lot more time just literally working with individuals, with teams, with subteams to help them to actually get their heads around how to work with each other and how all of that fits in the scope of the bigger mission and the bigger organisation.

The challenge for global business

Why do you need to continue ahead, exploring Cultural Intelligence? If you are still unsure (following on from the previous step) watch the above video to hear Shuvo Saha, Director, Google Digital Academy discuss the relevance of Cultural Intelligence in global business and how it plays out in the workplace.

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