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Reflective leadership

Reflection, or the process of critically thinking about our own behaviours, attitudes, beliefs and values, is an important part of any learning process.

Keeping a learning log, a personal record of your own learning, is a great way to reflect on the impact you have taken away from the course so far. This is part of the learning process and we will keep coming back to it. Skills rarely suddenly develop or improve overnight. A Learning Log will help us to become more aware of how we learn, what we’ve taken in, what tasks we enjoy (and don’t enjoy) and the associated thought processes.

If you are not used to this process it may seem difficult starting to reflect critically upon your own learning. Over time it becomes easier. On a regular basis review what you have written and reflected upon.

Here are a few examples of reflection activities for you to try, you can chose one or to complete them all:

  • Fill in the attached learning log
  • Draw a visual map of what you learned this week
  • Start free-flow writing for 10 minutes and see what you have written
  • Create your own Cultural Intelligence quiz from the week - what questions would you ask?

What are some of the key observations you are keen to share with your fellow learners?

Next week we start to go deeper into Cultural Intelligence, going beyond individual identity and into how we begin to identify and develop our Cultural Intelligence in ourselves and in working with other people.

Have a fantastic day and see you all next week.

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