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Stop, start, continue

Take this opportunity to reflect on our second week. Here are three activities for you to consider.

You can complete one or all but share your key insights with us through the comments section below, and using social media. Remember that we are looking at what we have learned on Week 2.

1. Continue your activity from Week 1

  • Continue your learning log
  • Draw a visual map of what you learned this week
  • Start free-flow writing for 10 minutes and see what you have written
  • Create your own Cultural Intelligence quiz from the week - what questions would you ask?

2. Stop, start continue

Answer the following:

  • What are you going to Stop doing?

  • What are you going to Start doing?

  • What are you going to Continue doing?

3. Headlines

  • Compose one Tweet to share your key reflection/take-away from this week? Post on Twitter or Instagram using hash tag #FLdevelopCQ and use this hashtag to search for other learner’s observations. Alternatively if you are not a social media user you can also share your response in the comments section below.

Input all of your thoughts into the comments section below.

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