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Planting the seed

Take some time to reflect on how you have grown your Cultural Intelligence to date.

Share some of your stories and feed into our discussion in the comments section below by answering the following question:

My Core grew most when…………..

You can use the questions below to help if needed:

  • What do you love doing and why? Is it inherited or individual to you?
  • Where can you go to step outside of your comfort zone?
  • What story from your heritage has stuck with you and why?
  • What moment in your life has caused you most stress?
  • What are some of the weaknesses in your Core that you need to deal with?
  • When have you done something very different to what you would have done normally? What was the result?
  • Where have you come across potential clashes in your Core and what was the outcome?
  • Do you have a place that connects you to your Core?
  • Has there been an instance when you have broken away from your cultural heritage?
  • When have you recently challenged your Core?

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Developing Cultural Intelligence for Leadership

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