Image of a grenade sitting on a computer circuit board.
Waiting for a cyber attack to happen without security is like waiting for a grenade to explode.

More than data: the true cost of cyber attacks

When cyber attacks occur, they can have a variety of costly (and potentially devastating) consequences.

Fifty years ago, organisations did not conduct business on the internet. Now, millions of people perform online transactions every day. Organisations rely on the internet to operate and conduct business. Vast amounts of money are transferred via online networks in the form of bank transactions and simple credit card purchases.

Infographic on Cyber attacks

Your task

Since 2009, the landscape of cyber threats has become considerably more dangerous, with cyber hackers and new adversaries out to achieve the following goals:

  1. deny you the use of your computer systems
  2. use your systems for financial gain or theft of intellectual property, financial information and other personal or identifying information.

In the Panama Papers case, which of these do you think the hackers were successfully able to execute? Share your thoughts.

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