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Exercise on legislation

In this exercise, you will explore how certain legislation can influence the design and development process of computer systems.

Read the case scenario below and complete the task.

Case scenario

You are a chief software engineer of a software development company. A client has asked you to develop a new software to be used in their company and to explain the legislation that their company needs to comply with.

The software will be handling financial transactions of the client’s international stakeholders, such as staff payments, supplier payments, revenues, utility expenses and other running costs. This indicates that the company needs to store and exchange sensitive data that relates to its employees, customers and suppliers.

One of the essential criteria is that only certain users should have access to this software. This includes the finance department, higher management personnel and the administrator. The company has several departments around the world, but its customers are mostly from the EU.

Your task

Write a report (approx 500 words in your learning log or other tool) on the legal considerations involved in developing a system that exhibits a proper security level and enables the data protection and the prevention of undesired data violations or leakage.

Share and discuss some of your key findings with your peers.

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