Skip to 0 minutes and 10 secondsWelcome to the final week. This week, we end our look at the balance between security, privacy, and usability by focusing on the connected home of the future, a future that is already very recognisable. Dr. Charles Morrisset looks at so-called smart devices that can control many aspects of domestic life; heating, shopping, even access to the home. What sort of threats are we exposed to? And are they actually any different from the old threats? Do we have to compromise our private data in order to gain security? We hope you've enjoyed the course.

Skip to 0 minutes and 42 secondsAnd if some of the research findings that we've been discussing are of interest to you, why not think about joining us in person for an undergraduate or postgraduate course here at Newcastle University. You'll find more information towards the end of this week.

Welcome to Week 3: security in the future home

In this video Dr Steve Riddle introduces our third and final week where we will focus on the connected home of the future.

How does increased connectivity in our day-to-day lives impact on the security and privacy trade-off and what new threats are there to consider?

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