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Line Plots and Scatter Plots

We now have our last two plots. Line plots are valuable tools for visualising how a variable changes across time and is one of the most common plots you will see.

We often care not just about the current state of a variable, such as profit or sales, but also about how it has evolved. Has there been high growth? Is it stable? These are examples of questions which line plots help us to answer.

Scatter plots are similar in that they visualise two variables at once that might be related to one another. They are a useful exploratory tool to assess whether there might be relationships between variables. For example, when I spend more on advertising do I see higher sales?

Hopefully you are comfortable with the ideas behind these and the other graphical techniques now. If not, feel free to double back and watch a topic video again or ask your fellow learners any questions you have in the comments below.

Once you’re ready, in the next step we’ll take it one step further and talk about what makes a “good” graph.

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