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Welcome to Data Analytics for Decision Making: An Introduction to Using Excel

Welcome to the course! We hope you’re excited to get started. On this first step you’ll find some important information on the learning outcomes, course design and a brief background for our educators from Bond University, Dr Adrian Gepp and James Todd.

Learning Outcomes

By the time you finish this course, you should be able to

  • Describe data using statistics and graphical techniques
  • Use the concepts of probability and discrete random variables to make business decisions
  • Apply modern quantitative tools (Microsoft Excel) to data analysis in a business context
  • Gain exposure to the changing landscape of data science in the modern business

Course Design

This course is split into two weeks. In the first, you will learn about methods for describing important characteristics of data through application of graphical techniques and descriptive statistics. You will also hear about why ethics is an important topic when performing data analysis and reporting results. In the second week, you will be introduced to the idea of probability, random variables, how we can describe them, and how we can make decisions even in the face of randomness. Finally, you’ll hear about the environment in which data analytics is happening today from Professor Bruce Vanstone, a Professor of Data Science at Bond University.

Your Educators

Dr Adrian Gepp, Associate Professor of Data Analytics

Adrian has more than a decade of experience in teaching at a tertiary level that spans undergraduate, postgraduate and online education in data analytics, economics and finance. Adrian’s primary research interest is in applying big data and advanced statistical modelling to reveal unique insights about problems of economic and social importance, including fraud detection and business failure prediction. His research has attracted more than $500,000 in external funding and he has more than 40 peer-reviewed research outputs.

James Todd, PhD Candidate

James is a PhD candidate and teacher at Bond University. His previous studies have included a Bachelors and Honours degree in Actuarial Science, graduating as Valedictorian and with First Class Honours respectively. He has taught subjects in financial, statistical, and data analytics areas at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Beyond experience as a research assistant in various areas, his own research focuses on the practical application of data science tools in healthcare systems and processes, with three peer-reviewed journal articles published.

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Data Analytics for Decision Making: An Introduction to Using Excel

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