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Skip to 0 minutes and 1 secondHello, and welcome to week 2. This week, we're going to be looking at data in practise. We're going to understand how our organisations use data and set up strategies in order to benefit from the opportunities that data gives us. We're going to understand how data can be used for innovation and transformation, all with the idea of giving better outcomes for the health and care sector. We'll hear from leading industry experts with excellent examples of how data has actually made a difference. And we're going to understand how we can start using data analytics and visualisations to bring those benefits home. Hope you enjoy the week.

Welcome to Week 2

This week we will look at Data in practice and understand how organisations set up strategies and deliver against them to realise benefits. We will understand how data is used in innovation and transformation all with the idea of working towards better health and care outcomes.

We will hear from industry experts on how data makes a difference in this domain and take a look at how data is used in analytics and visualisations to derive and share meaning.

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The Power of Data in Health and Social Care

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