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Skip to 0 minutes and 1 second Well done for reaching the end of week 2. This week, we started to look at data in practise. So we looked at real-world examples of organising and managing your data and started to look at ways to analyse that. We also looked at ways that you can visualise that data after you’ve analysed it in order to take you from raw data to something meaningful and something that can produce actionable insight for you and your organisation. There’s been lots of great discussion this week now that you’ve started to think about the data and the data science process. So please keep those coming.

Skip to 0 minutes and 32 seconds We look forward to seeing you next week, in week 3, where we start to look at the data science process.

Looking back on Week 2

Hello and well done for all your commitment in working through Week 2 of of your course ‘The Power of Data in Health and Social Care’. We are so pleased that many of you have been posting comments and sharing your thoughts and ideas around the topics we have covered so far.

This second week of the course has allowed us to explore core themes of turning data into practice through, setting in place and delivering the governance and data management plans to enable data led improvements. This enable function then allowed us to get more practical and for example illustrate how to work with the data to anonymise it, analyse and visualise the data to provide added value and to engage with and around the data to generate better value for you and your organisation.

We would be really interested to understand your thoughts on the course.

  • Does for example the learning seem valuable?
  • Would you be able to apply the learning in context?
  • Has the content been relevant to you as an organisation.

The final week will continue our exploration into data analytics and data science where increasingly value is being found by organisations and benefits being delivered to the people who consume services.

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