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This content is taken from the Edinburgh Napier University & Scottish Enterprise's online course, Understanding Data in the Tourism Industry. Join the course to learn more.
Welcome to the course
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Welcome to the course and getting started

Welcome to the course, which we have designed to appeal to learners new to data application with pointers on more advanced support and directions as appropriate.

Our primary audience for this course is small and medium-sized tourism businesses who at the very least have some basic online presence. While our case studies are Scotland focussed and Edinburgh specifically we have made sure the broader message is universal, reflecting the global nature of this course. Occasionally, where Scottish and UK support organisations are mentioned there will be near equivalents in your own country or region. Recognising that we are all on a data journey in terms of ongoing learning and discovery, we hope this course helps inspire you as you progress along your own personal data journey.

The first week of the course focuses on some basics and fundamentals of data, week 2 looks more broadly at developing a data-driven mindset when running your business (it also includes a section on GDPR), week 3 looks at data and productivity from visitor, marketing and employee perspectives, week 4 looks at a range of tools to get the most out of your data, and week 5 finishes with data from a collaborative destination perspective.

By the end of this course we aim to help you:

  1. Understand value and impact of data in the tourism sector and how similar businesses are making effective use of data to drive business decisions
  2. Consider what data can reveal about customer behaviour and how it can be applied to promote and deliver services and increase productivity.
  3. Identify business problems and how data could be used to address them, mindful of costs and benefits
  4. Create opportunities for ‘data in tourism’ community engagement

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