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Diagram showing pre-experience engagement tools (eg Twitter and your website), Customer experience (eg surveys) and post-experience tools (eg Facebook and Trip Advisor)
The customer journey

Map out your current customer experience

Think about your own business and map out your customers’ experience , how they first make contact with you and how that has come about (pre), what they are doing when they are engaging with you & how long are they staying (during), and how they reviewed your experience or interacted with it after the event (post). As a businesses you are likely to play a key role in collecting and owning data related to the customers experience at each touch point throughout these three stages.

Using a blank sheet of paper, identify all the media tools and data points your customers interact with before, during, and after their experience with your business. Think about the pathways and if there is a typical order they are likely to interact with each data point. Draw the pathways between these points - it might be there are a few different pathways, so you might wish to use a different colour.

Think about their earliest point of engagement with your business. How do people find you? What tools might you be able to use to verify this?

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