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Venn diagram. Destination businesses and Tourist data sources overlap for a smarter visitor experience
Data points and sources

Region-based approaches - A smarter approach to tourism destinations

In this course we have stressed the importance of developing a data-driven mindset and approach to running your business, making use of internal tools to access data already available to you as well as making the most of further external data opportunities and support to help develop your business further.

This week we have also emphasised how data is not just an individual journey but something which can and should be embraced collaboratively with both local and regional partners and beyond. Likely you will already have existing networks and it is about re-embracing these with a data driven approach and exploring additional opportunities within these as well as new partnerships that emerge from this process. Working with other stakeholders on data such as transport providers, attractions and accommodation provider can provide enhanced experiences for the visitor as well as better management during busy periods. Remember too the visitor themselves can be an important source particularly as we draw upon their experiences whether shared in person or online.

Such a data-driven approach, making use of technology, can help foster an improved/smarter destination experience for both the visitor but also the local communities living there. Resulting improvement and innovations whether big or small mean that the visitor experience can be better addressed before, during and after their trip. By working collaboratively both individual businesses and the wider destination can benefit, helping to ensure efficiency, sustainability and enhanced visitor experiences in your destination. Ultimately, this helps destinations whether they be regions, towns or cities to compete globally. It’s all about being smarter with data individually and collaboratively.

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