A website to generate Google Analytics data

We think it will be especially interesting to create data about ourselves to illustrate Google Analytics.

Figure 1 shows a three page website. The detailed content of the web pages does not matter for the moment. The important thing is that: (i) the first page links to the second; (ii) the second page links to the third; (iii) the third page links to the second; and (iv) both the second and third pages link back to the home page.

Figure 1. The 3-page website that will provide data for this course Image of the three web pages used to collect Google Analytics data Image of the three web pages used to collect Google Analytics data (Control-Click here to expand in a new window)

The following link will generate data for the course. Take a few minutes to visit and click through the pages of this test website.

It does not collect any personal information about you. It collects data about how you interact with it via Google Analytics. For desktop computers you use a pointer such a touchpad or mouse. You will use touch screens for tablets and mobile phones. The site may not be entirely accessible on mobile phones, but works well on those we have tried.

To visit the test website in a new window or new tab, hold CTRL and click on the link:


You will be taken to the homepage of this simple website. Click through the pages so that you have seen them all. This will contribute to the data to the used on the course. Your data is anonymous - you cannot be identified from it. Later in the course you will see how Google Analytics can let you display these data in a large variety of formats. We think you will find this very interesting.

Even if you are late coming to the course late visiting the test site will still contribute to our statistics.

As an example, below is a list of the countries of visitors to our test website on Monday 6th August 2018. You will be able to see our group’s data as the course progresses - not just countries but much else besides.

Figure 2. Countries of visitors to our test website, Jul 31 -Aug 6, 2018

Countries of people visiting our test site (Control-Click here to expand in a new window)

What do you think?

Will visits to the website from this course create interesting data? Will they produce data that will help the educators understand better how participants interact with the course?

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