The Google Analytics Tracking ID

After accepting Google’s terms I got the page shown in Figure 1. The blue box is a warning for people using 3rd party hosting services, and will not be discussed until the reference section at the end of the course. The most important elements on this page are the Tracking ID, here UA-117260220-1, and the snippet of code shown in Figure 2. that has to be copied into the web pages being tracked.

Figure 1. The Tracking ID page generated by Google Analytics The Tracking ID page generated by Google Analytics

Figure 2. The ID and tracking code to be added to our web pages Details of the Tracking ID and Global Site tracking code snippet to be added to our web pages

The tracking code in the rectangular box is then copied into the html page to be tracked. When online, every time a user visits this particular page, the user’s browser will execute this piece of code that will send information back to Google Analytics servers. Without this piece of javascript code it wouldn’t be possible to obtain information about your users.

You will see how the tracking code can be inserted into the html code of each page of a website in the next step.

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