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pie chart andgraph generated by Google Analytics - the details are not important.

Introduction to Week 2

In Week 2 you will learn about the many kinds of report that can be produced by Google Analytics.

It will be an interesting week because we will view data collected by Google Analytics on the ways you interacted with the 3-page website.

In Week 2 we will do an experiment trying to increase the number of visitors to another test website, and to increase the number of countries. This experiment is intended to give you hands-on experience attracting new users and seeing the data collected by Google Analytics.

For example, if there were no users in Zimbabwe in Week 1 and you asked a friend in that country to access our web page, if Zimbabwe appears in our country list it was probably due to you. Even if you don’t know people in countries without any visitors to our test website, you can still see (hopefully!) the increase in visitors to our test website and know the contribution you made.

Having seen the kind of information that Google Analytics can provide, the week will end with a discussion about the bridge person, and how this new kind of information can help people make a bridge between their organisation and the technical specialists who use tools like Google Analytics to provide information for the organisation. We will also consider how a bridge person may help to improve a marketing campaign, potentially making it less expensive and more productive.

The course ends with a short quiz on Week 2 and, for those wanting a certificate, an optional longer test covering the whole course.

We hope you enjoy Week 2.

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