Next steps

Having taken the first step in Data Science and Google Analytics, what are the next steps?

This will depend on you and your aspirations. Possible places to start include:

  • Kristi Hines. The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics, published on 24-June-2015. Kristi Hines’ blog covers much of what has been done on this course in a different way, and reading it is worth spending half an hour or so.

  • Google. Learn analytics with free online courses. Google’s free online courses represent a serious professional step forward. However you may find it hard going and some of the many FutureLearn courses may be more helpful.

  • FutureLearn, Become a Data Scientist gives a lot of information on the wide range of excellent courses related to data science.

  • Alison, Google Analytics. Alison’s courses may also suit some learners.

If you already have your own website and have access to the HTML code the information given in Week 1 should be sufficient for you to create Google Analytics tracking code and copy it into the HTML code of your web pages in the right place. The ways of displaying Google Analytics illustrated in Week 2 should be sufficient for you to be able to view the usage data of your site. You can experiment with this in real time by navigating your website yourself, or getting friends and colleagues to do it. I strongly recommend you look at the blog of Kristi Hines which goes beyond what we did on this course. If you cannot get Google Analytics working on your website post a comment and another learner or one of the team will try to help you get going.

What do you think?

Do you have any suggestions for the next steps? Share your suggestions with the rest of the cohort. Include links to sites that you think may be helpful for others. We will look at them, and the best will be added to the list above.

Most learners on this course will be satisfied by having learned more about data science and Google Analytics. However some may want a certificate. If so click on ‘Upgrade’ at the top right of this page. To see what the certificate looks like you can click on the links below.

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