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Recommended System Requirements

The next few videos demonstrate how to install R and R studio and how to download the data that will be used in this course.

It does not matter if you use a Windows, a Mac or a Linux machine. Though the screencasts in our videos show a Windows machine, we also provide demonstrations of how these things are completed on a Mac machine.
You may scroll down those video webpages to the near bottom of the screen. If there is a “See also” link, click it and a video for Mac is available.

The following system requirements are recommended:

(a). 16 GB RAM or above. A few learners from the past semesters reported that they encountered errors when handling data of multiple gigabytes. It turned out that more than 16GB RAM would be ideal to avoid such errors.
(b). 64-bit operating system, R and RStudio. Most operating systems in PC/Mac today should be 64-bit, just make sure you installed 64-bit R and RStudio.

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