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Skip to 0 minutes and 12 seconds The first thing I’d like to show you is how to download R and install it, and then download RStudio and install it. So we’ll open a browser and then we’ll go to www.r-project.org that’s the website for the R project where the R software can be downloaded. Near the top of the page you should see a link to download R. We’ll click on that. If you scroll down the page, you’ll see many mirrors. You can pick a mirror that’s close to you. These are just lots of sites around the world where the R software is hosted that you can download it from.

Skip to 0 minutes and 46 seconds I’m in Indiana, I’m not at Indiana University but we’re not too far from there, so I’m gonna download from Indiana University. You’ll see download links for Linux for Macintosh and for Windows. I’m on a Mac, so I’m going to click on the download R for Mac OS X. Inside here there’s a package file, yours may be newer by the time you’re watching this video, but at the current time the newest version of R is 3.3.2. So I’m going to click on the R 332 package file. And inside Safari it goes into my downloads, I see the progress of the download is pretty fast. R isn’t too large of a program, so it’ll probably download pretty quickly on your computer.

Skip to 1 minute and 28 seconds So once the downloads complete, if you like you can go and see, and it was downloaded into your downloads folder. I’m gonna open the package, hit Continue, hit Continue, hit Continue, Agree. I’m gonna install for all users of the computer, so I hit Continue and then Install. I put my password in, then it installs really quickly.

Skip to 1 minute and 53 seconds So the next program we’re gonna download and install is called RStudio. Now R Studio depends on having R already installed on the computer. RStudio is not gonna work unless you first go and download R and get R installed onto your computer. RStudio lets you view all the things you want to do in R inside one large unified interface. You can see a place to type your code, a place to see the help menus, and the plots you want to make, files you’re working on, variables you have, the results of the code, you’re running things like that. So RStudio is really just an environment in which you can run R underneath, but we have to do a separate install for RStudio.

Skip to 2 minutes and 35 seconds And we’ll just wait until R finishes here, it’ll take it a minute. I guess I could point out that if you have a build of Macintosh operating system before 10.9, then you don’t want to use the package link that I used, you’ll want to use this lower link here R321 for Snow Leopard which will work for Mac OSX 10.6 through 10.8. But anything from 10.9 and beyond you can use the one that I just used, I think I have 10.12 installed. If you don’t know how to find out which version of Mac OSX you have installed, you can to to the app and look at it about the Mac. I have 10.12.3 at the time of this recording.

Skip to 3 minutes and 15 seconds Okay, the installation was successful, super. So I’m gonna close the installer. I’m gonna move the installer to the trash, close my downloads window, and go back into my browser. And now I’m gonna navigate to where RStudio can be found, that’s RStudio.org, or RStudio.com. Okay, they own both of those domains. So, if I look at the products within RStudio, I’ll see RStudio is the first one. There’s a desktop version and a server version. We’ll use the desktop version so I click on RStudio desktop. You’ll see there’s a free version, there’s a commercial license as well but we don’t need that we’ll just use the free download RStudio desktop button here.

Skip to 3 minutes and 56 seconds Again, feel free to ignore the commercial versions and just use the RStudio Desktop with the open source license. Click on download, it’ll scroll you further down the page and you’ll see Mac OSX 10.6 and beyond, that’s the one you want to click on. Again, that’ll start the download in your browser, I’m using Safari here so I can watch the progress of the download as it goes. RStudio is also not a very large download, it downloads and installs pretty quickly. Okay, so RStudio is done downloading, I’m gonna find it in my Downloads folder there. There’s the RStudio dis, so I open it.

Skip to 4 minutes and 35 seconds Now all I have to do to install RStudio on the MacIntosh is take the RStudio icon and drag it into the applications. They’ll say an older item already exists there, if you had RStudio installed before, which I did. If you didn’t have RStudio installed it won’t say anything, it will just start copying. Since I had it installed there and this is a newer version, I’m gonna hit replace. I have to put my password in, since I’m writing over something that I already had in there. You may not have to put your password, and you probably don’t have RStudio there. So, probably when you drop RStudio into the applications, it’ll just go. But now my RStudio is installed as well.

Skip to 5 minutes and 14 seconds If I look inside my applications and I scroll down to RStudio I should be able to open it. Usually it will tell you it’s a new application that’s been downloaded from the web, are you sure you want to open it? And I’ll say yes, go ahead and open it. So there’s how RStudio looks.

(MAC ONLY) Install R and RStudio for Mac

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