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Skip to 0 minutes and 9 seconds [? Strangely, ?] there is a stadium that’s also provided some space, some conference rooms, and also food and breakfast and lunch. And just being able to kind of, at lunchtime, leave the office, leave the ward, and go and sit with your colleagues in an environment that’s not a hospital feels so healing. It’s like it gives you a bit of a break. And people there are really thankful. they’ll come and tell you about how grateful they are for the help that you provided. And it is really strange to have people coming and thanking you. But also, It feels like it motivates you more. It feels good.

Skip to 1 minute and 3 seconds They’re volunteering, but they do work at the stadium. But we have had so many donations come through. We’ve had Easter eggs and chocolate. And it is nice to feel valued. People are doing their best, I think.

The Stadium

In this video, Sharna describes the ‘refuge’ that was set up for her and her colleagues.

This is another example of a safe space that has emerged to help workers during the pandemic. Let’s now look at how space in the form of reflective practice might become more firmly embedded within a team or setting, and what some of the challenges are.

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