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Shona's problem - using a SWOT

In this step you will practice identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as part of a SWOT analysis.

You will help identify the factors affecting Shona as she tries to understand the problems she’s facing at the arts centre. Shona has already identified the strengths of the internal team at the centre, and some of the opportunities there are in their wider environment.

Strengths Weaknesses
Committed team, fun and creative people  
Volunteers are really enthusiastic  
Good space for events: Theatre, cinema, big outdoor grass space  
Music gigs going well, new audiences attending  
Big name comedians come to the centre  
Wheelchair ramp lets people get in to the main building  
Community groups active in our spaces  
Customer database  
Cafe gets lots of use by people working during day  
Can bring your dog to work.  
Opportunities Threats
Community are really supportive  
Great new touring theatre shows interested in appearing  
Local celebrities are keen to support us  
Council might open infrastructure grants for maintenance  
Ticketing software company are willing to sponsor us because of bugs  
Foundation offering match funding scheme for local grassroots events  
Local school interested in running a mentoring scheme with sixth form students  
Can hold events outside in summer  

Listen to the audio again, to remind yourself of everything that’s going on in Shona’s job, or read the transcript.

Use the framework provided above to identify:

  • the weaknesses at the arts centre
  • the external threats Shona and her colleagues face

Remember PESTLE - think about the political, economic, social, technology, legal and environmental changes that might happen in the wider world. Please read the article in the See Also section about the arts in the UK to understand wider issues. How could those threaten the arts centre?

Identify two weaknesses, and two threats, and add them in the Comments section below.

Have a go:

When you’ve added your weaknesses and threats in the Comments section, review other learner’s contributions.

  • Which of the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses or threats identified do think are most significant? Pick out the most important factor in each quadrant.

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