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The internationalisation of Zara

We start this week with a case study that examines what a successful internationalisation process looks like.

Zara is one of the world’s most successful fashion retailers, which has successfully managed to internationalise into over 59 different countries (Lopez and Fan 2009). Zara has adopted a number of strategies in order to effectively internationalise its business.

This case study analysis also touches upon topics we will look at later in this week, namely the EPRG model and the concept of ‘born global’ companies.

Your task

Read the article Internationalisation of the Spanish Fashion Brand Zara (Lopez and Fan 2009). Make some notes in your learning log using these prompts:

  • How do you think Zara has achieved its success?
  • What are the key challenges Zara has faced?
  • How did Zara overcome these challenges?

Share your thoughts with other learners in the ‘comments’ area.


Lopez, C., and Fan, Y. (2009) ‘Internationalisation of the Spanish Fashion Brand Zara’. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management: An International Journal 13 (2), 279-296

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